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ModelMotorist.Com: Encyclopedia of Terminology O for the HO Scale Slot and Slotless Hobby.

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    1. Unit of electrical resistance, expressing the resistance in a circuit transmitting a current of one ampere
      when subjected to a potential difference of one volt. (Symbol: Ω)
      a. Resistance of a coil of wire wrapped around a pole of an armature.
      b. Resistors used in all makes and models of controllers are rated in Ohms. (Ω)

1/8 Circle
    1. 45 degree curve, any radius.

1/2 Circle
    1. 180 degree curve, any radius.

1/4 Circle
    1. 90 degree curve, any radius.

1/6 Circle
    1. 60 degree curve, any radius.

1/12 Circle
    1. 30 degree curve, any radius.

O Scale
    1. Model railroading Scale of 1/48.
    2. Aurora made "Super Model Motoring" with 1/48 Scale Cars.
    3. Aurora made some 1/48 Scale Tracks for "Super Model Motoring".
    4. Aurora 1/48 Scale Tracks became known as "Wide Track" after adapters were made to HO Model Motoring Track.

O Scale "Super Model Motoring" Slot Car Track Connection
    1. 2 lane.

O Scale "Super Model Motoring" Slot Car Track Selection
    1. "O" scale tracks.    View Track Selection

Outside Lane
    1. Refers to the longer radius of a multi-lane curved track.

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