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ModelMotorist.Com: Encyclopedia of Terminology V for the HO Scale Slot and Slotless Hobby.

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Vibrator HO Slot Car Chassis
    1. Solenoid motor - ratchet drive chassis.
    2. Originally intended to be powered with AC current, but will work on DC current.
    3. Reversing DC current has no effect on vehicle's travel.
    4. Braking controllers have no effect as vehicles coast.
Top view of Aurora Model Motoring Vibrator Slot Car Chassis Bottom view of Aurora Model Motoring Vibrator Slot Car Chassis Exploded view of Aurora Model Motoring Vibrator Slot Car Chassis

Vibrator Motor
    1. The chassis uses the motion of a solenoid to drive a ratchet gear on the rear axle.
    2. Named for the noise they make as they travel around a layout.

    1. First HO scale slot car available in the United States, after one year in United Kingdom (Play Craft).
    2. The original Aurora Slot Car Chassis, sold for three year before the ThunderJet Chassis line became available.
    3. Chassis coasts so corners need to be anticipated well in advance.
    4. Reversing and Braking controllers are of no value while driving or racing Vibrator chassis Cars.

Viper V1 Pro 4 build HO Slot Car Chassis
    1. Is the ultimate version of Super G+.
    2. Specifics
      A. Rear axle pin hole locators. Allows easy pinning of the axle
      B. Lightened rear end features
      C. Handling tunnels under the chassis. Relieved for high rails
      D. Remove molded Lexan body posts to use Tomy hard body clip
      E. Lightened front end features
      F. Front bumper (shoe tab guard)
      G. Lightened timing bracket
      H. Chassis clip relieved for rear bushing oiling
      I. Improved guide pin location
    3. Chassis produced in different stiffness from flexible to stiff
    4. Chassis has more generous dimensions in the motor box that eliminates Tomy ceramic motor magnet binding
Top view of Viper V 1 HO Slot Car Chassis Bottom view of Viper V 1 HO Slot Car Chassis

Viper Scale Racing
    1. Manufacturer of the Viper V1 chassis
      a. Uses no other brand parts for their standard ready to run cars.
      b. Every parts has a CAD drawing and associated tooling.

    1. unit of electric potential and electromotive force. It is defined as the difference of electric potential existing across the ends of a conductor carrying a constant current of 1 ampere when the power dissipated is 1 watt. The kilovolt (1,000 V), the millivolt (0.001 V), and the microvolt (0.000001 V) are units derived from the volt.

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