MODEL MOTORIST MOBILE is -back- as of March 9, 2022 because of racers like -YOU-!! Thank you so much for donating to the Go Fund Me page!!
This site was originally run by Jerome Lepinski (1958-2021), but the site went offline due to unpaid fees after his untimely passing and the domain was offered up for sale by a brokerage. After I bought the domain and service myself, we all pulled together with the Go Fund Me to help pay off the past-due balance fees and get two new years of service added! We -ALL- got it back online together and soon it will appear just as Jerome made it.
Please bear with us as we revamp the page, adjust some servers and clean up. Most information should be visible by going to which is the last backup made before he passed.
In addition, we are also in the process of restoring the great page by Gregory Braun (1963-2020). It is also archived up to his last update, just a few days before he passed away as it turned out. You can access it for now by going to Web Archive - HO Slot Car Racing. Another wonderful site with a wealth of information. Both hobbists will be missed for their major contributions to the slot car racing circuit.
As a new update, you are presently viewing this page through the newly-created Web App for and it will have these features:
In the meantime, if you have any questions, comments, compatibility issues with this Beta App or wish to submit any materials to share, please contact us at