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What people are telling us about ModelMotorist.Com.

  • I have been a fan of your site for many years and have consulted it many times. You do an invaluable service for the slot car community and we're indebted to you.

            Thanks again, Sincerely, Billy

  • I just wanted to tell you that your web site is the best site on the whole internet for HO slot cars.I will vist ever day to see what is new, keep up the good work.


  • Hi,
      A helpful & informative website, thanks!


  • Hey Jerry,
      I can't believe your site. You must have 100's of hours into that.


  • Thanks so much.
      I never thought I would be able to find the wiring diagrams.   I got out the old Atlas track and an assortment of cars for the grandsons to play with.   I could not get it to work..   Never thought I would be able to find the information.. Thanks again..


  • Hi:
      WOW!!!!! What a terrific site!!!!! Many thanks & appreciation for the hardwork.


  • hi.
    just wanted to write a quick note and thank you for posting your wiring diagrams on the web.

    after being out of model motoring for 40 years, tonight i got home from work and the small model motoring set i purchased off of ebay was on my doorstep. 2 thumb controllers, 1 transformer, 4 12" turns, 1 9" straght, 2 9" squeeze, 2 9" cobblestone, and 1 9" terminal track, plus a couple of cars. of course, no wiring diagram was supplied so off to google i went.

    your diagram under your picture of thunderjet controller black did the trick! i am off and running on a small oval (now rebitten, im sure more track looms on the horizon), and rekindling old memories thanks to you.


  • J:
    I'm impressed....again!!!!  Just getting acquainted with your site and stumbled on to the page with signs, banners, and billboards.  WOW!!!!!  Hooking up with you was the best $ 20.00 I've spent in a long time. Fantastic!!!!!

            John-aka the old man

  • ModelMotorist.Com has some of the most unique and insane track ideas I have ever seen.   While most of my experience is with four lane layouts, some of the designs displayed here have inspired me to leave behind the traditional flat layout and experiment with massive elevation changes and splitting the lanes apart.  ModelMotorist.Com may be the most comprehensive HO slot car site on the Internet with its huge database of cars, tracks, accessories, and paperwork.

            Chris Lukasiewicz - Mattydale, NY

  • I am an automotive technician, and I am amazed at Jerome's knowledge of electronic systems; his vast array of HO product knowledge boggles the mind of the average person.  Having known him for over 30 years, I have seen him build systems such as race car tracks that extend 1/8 mile in reality and 10 miles in scale.  He has equipment and supplies on site to design and build anything he dreams up.  Many times I have relied on him to get me through an electronic systems problem on several different types of vehicles, HO scale and otherwise.  So for those looking for information and expertise about HO scale models, talk to Jerome.

            Paul Schuster - Minneapolis,MN

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