Compatibility: HO Scale Slot Car Loop Tracks

Tracks are listed alphabetically by brand.

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    These Loop tracks will cause problems with some vehicles.  There are three reasons these tracks may cause problems.

    The first and most common problem is the speed of the vehicle.  If the vehicle is not fast enough, it may fail to complete the loop and fall off of the track.

    The second reason is fairly common, some vehicle bodies extend too far forward and lift the pickup shoes off of the track.   Formula I style vehicles tend to have this problem.

    The third reason is not common, but some vehicles do not have enough flexibility to maintain traction.  AFX Big Rigs suffer from this problem with or without their trailers.  The mud flaps will drag and lift the drive wheels off of the track.

Tracks which may cause problems.

_____Aurora Brand Tracks_____

Aurora HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

Thunderjet 9" Loop

AFX 9" Loop

AFX Lazer 1/4 Loop

Tomy 1/8C Loop

Tomy 1/8C Loop Double Rail

Tomy 1/8C Loop Orange Arrows

Tomy 15" Fireball Challenge

Tomy Offroad 1/8C Loop

_____Hornby Brand Tracks_____

Microscalextric HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

Road 1/8C Loop

Simpsons 1/8C Loop

_____Ideal Brand Tracks_____

Ideal TCR HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

1/4C Loop

_____Life-Like Brand Tracks_____

Life-Like HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

Road 1/8C Loop

Sidewalk 1/8C Loop

_____Lionel Brand Tracks_____

Lionel HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

Dual Loop

_____Marchon Brand Tracks_____

Marchon HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

1/8C Loop Yellow Stripe

1/8C Loop Red Stripe

1/8C Loop Yellow Pattern

1/8C Loop Single Lane

Skyfighter 1/8C Loop

Skyfighter 1/8C Loop Single Lane

Monster Truck 1/8C Loop Single Lane

_____Marx Brand Tracks_____

Marx HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

15" Loop Track

15" Loop Track

_____Mattel Brand Tracks_____

Mattel HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

1/8C Loop

1/8C Loop Orange

1/8C Loop Blue

X-Treme Dirt 1/8C Loop

Harry Potter 1/8C Loop

_____Tyco Brand Tracks_____

Tyco HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

TycoPro 13" Loop

Tyco 1/8C Loop

Tyco Offroad 1/8C Loop

Tyco Offroad 1/8C Loop Water

Turbo Train 1/8C Loop

Turbo Train 1/16C Loop

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