Get powerful step-by-step instructions to create exciting slot car tracks in minutes and learn how to quadruple the life of your slot cars, saving you hundreds of dollars every year!

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From: Jerome A. Lepinski

Attention: All Slot Car Enthusiasts:

      Are you driving around in circles trying to find the slot cars, sets, parts, tracks, and accessories you want?   Are you looking for new places to buy new slot cars?   Do you want to actually see and hold a product physically before you buy it?   ModelMotorist.Com now has a functional Hobby Shop and Retail Store Locator.   Are you planning to travel?   Find out where the hobby shop and retail stores are before you leave home!
Locate Stuff Locate Hobby Retail Stores

      Do you want to be driving around in circles, but can't find a track to rent time on?   Are you looking for new places to race your slot cars?   ModelMotorist.Com now has a Slot Car Track for Rent Locator functioning.   Are you planning to travel and would like to stop for a few laps?   Find out where you can rent some time on a track and add it to your schedule!
Locate Stuff Locate Rental Slot Tracks

      Are you tired of spending hours of your time trying to come up with exciting track layouts for your slot cars?   Wouldn't you rather spend more time racing your cars with your friends and family and less time trying to figure out an exciting track layout?   Visit the numerous pages of layouts available at no charge to you. I have been gathering track layouts that will amaze you, your friends and your family. Free Stuff! Example Layouts

      Our chassis identification pages will save you time and money as well as reduce frustration by providing you with the information that you need, when you need it.   For Vehicle Chassis identification Click Chassis under Identification Free Stuff! HO Chassis Identification

      Just dug out the old slot car set and want to set it up, but don't remember how to wire the controls to the layout?   Find out how to wire an HO slot car layout with these wiring diagrams always available on our site!   We have numerous pages of diagrams on how to wire a slot car layout for two lane or four lane layouts.   Look you will probably find the one you need!
Free Stuff! Wiring Diagrams

      Have you ever been frustrated by the incompatibility of slot car tracks and don't know which cars work on which tracks?  I certainly have.  For decades I have been collecting and testing all brands of HO scale vehicles, tracks and accessories.  For results look on these four pages.

      Easily find out which tracks your Johnny Lighting Thunderjet 500 cars will work best on.   Want to know if your Life-Like NASCAR Slot Cars will work with that new track you're looking at purchasing?   Find out here!   Click Car to Track under Compatibilities on the left menu.   No more disappointments of coming home with a TYCO Curvehugger Slot Car only to find out it will not work with your track layout.   Don't be disappointed or worse yet, disappoint your son or daughter. Spend more time together racing and less time guessing or struggling with things that don't work right!
Compatibilities Car to Track
      This page covers the power supplies used by different vehicles.
Compatibilities Power to Car
      This page covers which brands and versions of track connect with what other brands and versions or without using adapters.
Compatibilities Track to Track

      To quickly find out what track sections are or have been produced by a specific manufacturer Click Tracks under Identifications in the left menu.   Then find the manufacturer and Click on their name or the sample track image shown.
Identifications Chassis Style / Brand

H.O. Scale Slot Car Track Layouts 123 Book I: Flat Land
H.O.T.rack products
Layout 123
And you get 12 Tips to extend the life and improve the performance of your valuable slot cars!
You also get Scale Distance Charts for all of the common Tracks available from most manufacturers.
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